The Women's World Virtual Fishing Challenge launches in February

Joan Vernon catches sailfish
Women’s World Virtual Fishing Challenges start on February 1st. Eligible species include fist, mahi and tuna.
Courtesy Captain Joan Vernon

The organizers of the Presidential Challenge Charitable Foundation will host a two-month worldwide virtual fishing tournament for female angling teams. The competition starts on February 1st and runs through March 31st.

Anglers can fish anywhere in the world from 8.00 to kl. 16.00 for six days, at any time during the two-month period. Eligible species include all marlin, sailfish and spearfish – all of which must be released – tuna and mahi.

Admission is $ 600 pr. teams, and the profits will benefit worldwide conservation and help women’s programs around the world. The prize categories include top three teams overall, most marine releases, most sailfish releases, longest three mahi, top February teams, top March teams and more.

Joan Vernon holds mahi
Prizes will be awarded for the longest and heaviest mahi.
Courtesy Captain Joan Vernon

Registration is open and you must attend at least one week before you start fishing. Scoring will take place using the CaptApp application, which verifies catches using video and geo-location. Mobile reception is not required for the app to work.

For more information, visit Presidential Women’s World Virtual Fishing Challenge.

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