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June 29, 2022

Kodiak crab Odin’s Eye left Giddings Boatworks on May 31 with new sponsors and more crab pot capacity. Ty Rouse picture.

The 57 ‘x 17’6 “crab Odin’s Eye arrived at Giddings Boatworks in Charleston, Ore., In early February. By the time it left on May 31, Odin’s Eyes’ length had not changed, but it had been sponsored to 23 feet and got an onion-shaped arch.

This was the first visit to Giddings for Odin’s Eye and its owner Ty Rouse, who fishes out of Kodiak, Alaska. Originally, Odin’s Eye was only to have the bulwark replaced. Then the decision was made that as long as the old bulwarks were to be removed, why not go bigger and sponsor the hull at the same time, which would allow Odin’s Eye to carry more crab pots.

That was what brought Odin’s eye to Giddings Boatworks, which has a long history of sponsoring commercial fishing boats.

This was a cane-built sponsorship work, where instead of ceiling and cutting steel coating, batten sticks and measuring tapes were used to form the shape of the sponge and then steel was cut by hand to match the shape of the batten cane.

The sponsorship added 3 feet to the midship sections on each side and allowed the stern to be square with an additional 5 feet on each side. The fishing space was not enlarged, but the fuel capacity was increased from 3,000 to 4,000 gallons, allowing Odin’s Eye to stay further out.

Further work included building a new stainless steel mast and boom, laying stainless steel cladding under the anchor and installing a new keel cooler and hood damper. When the work was done and Odin’s Eye was ready to go back into the water, it was clear that Giddings had lived up to Rose’s expectations.

“The entire crew, staff and even painters built a great boat for us,” Rouse said.

Another boat from Kodiak that is currently sponsored by Giddings is the Alaskan, a tough, crab and salmon.

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